International Opportunity Day

Although I’m not typically one to really share my political views or really too much else beyond the world of business & marketing, I wanted to write a few extra words on a post I put onto LinkedIn to promote International Womens Day 2019. It's a subject that almost everyone has some form of opinion... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Write Brilliant Blog Posts

Blog posts continue to become an incredibly important form of content marketing and a key piece in many marketing strategies. On top of its value as a marketing tool, it’s also surprisingly easy to do and the only real cost is the time of the person writing it. Most marketers know that blogging can have... Continue Reading →

Counting Connections or Connectivity?

On Sunday morning I woke up and immediately checked my smart phone, discovering it was 5:28am and upon unlocking it’s blindingly bright display I was captured by a world of numbers, notifications and calls for my attention. Since last checked I’d received 8 emails of mixed validity and questionable sources, had 3 new followers on... Continue Reading →

My Commute Changed My Life

18 months ago my commute to work changed my life. Literally. Like many people, I spent around 45 minutes in the morning driving into work and then another 45 minutes in the evening driving back home. Mostly I spent that hour and a half each day skipping through songs I’d heard a hundred times or... Continue Reading →

Think Big…Even When You’re Not

If you’re involved in a small business or a startup, you’d be surprised by how many big companies and global organisations see value in being able to “think like a small company”. Small organisations and startups face numerous challenges, but one thing they do have in their arsenal, that a lot of larger ones envy,... Continue Reading →

5 Golden Rules to Great Events

Events are quite possibly one of the most time-consuming activities a business – big or small – can run and so often result in an almost black or white result of “hit or miss”. Regardless of whether the event is a small local fair, an intimate dinner for key prospects, a conference for a few... Continue Reading →

If You Judge a Fish

If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its entire life believing it is stupid. In much the same way, if you live your life being constrained by someone else’s views, opinions and the things they think you should or shouldn’t be doing, you’ll end up in the same... Continue Reading →

How Many Characters Do You Play?

In how many different parts or aspect of your life – both personally and professionally – do you play a role or a character to some extent? At work do you position yourself in a way that makes you more accepted or are you able to be true to yourself, your ideals & beliefs? Perhaps... Continue Reading →

Pain of Change or Change of Purpose?

Most of us these days carry around a mobile phone that packs a serious punch in terms of its computing and connectivity power. So did that mobile phone become a reality because way back when, people thought “you know what, smoke signals really are a great way to connect with other people”? Did the car... Continue Reading →

How Rich Are Your Dreams?

Why do so many often view the desire to be “wealthy” or “rich” as a bad aspiration to have? When someone voices a desire to create substantial wealth for themselves, more often than not it’s scorned, disregarded or frowned upon. Money and wealth are subjects that create a lot of emotion, but why is the... Continue Reading →

Get in The Race…And Stay In

Imagine you enter a race to run against a group of people you’ve never met before & know nothing about. Going into that the only thing you know about your chances of success are that you’ve pushed yourself to get in the race in the first place. Half way in, you’re doing ok, but for... Continue Reading →

Dare to Dream….Big

When was the last time fear of failure held you back from trying to chase your dreams or achieve your ambitions? When was the last time the worry of not being good enough, talented or smart enough stopped you from dreaming big? A reported 12 different publishers turned down J K Rowling before she was... Continue Reading →

The Best Time to Act is Always Now

How many times have you wanted to step outside your comfort zone, to push your boundaries or try something new, but thought maybe the time wasn’t right? I know for sure I’ve done this more times than I’d care to count and it’s a seriously hard habit to kick if you let yourself get caught... Continue Reading →

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