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So what’s The Entrepreneurs Marketing Manual all about, why did i write it and what information will you get if you spend a few pounds, dollars or Euros on a copy of your own?

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Around 80% of new business ventures and startups fail within the first 2 years of beginning their journey in the world. Even after that point, the challenges and barriers to true success are significant and for the modern entrepreneur or small business owner, there’s a wealth of obstacles waiting to trip them up. You absolutely must strive to supercharge your own skillset to keep from becoming an unfortunate statistic.

Standing out from the crowd and arming yourself with the absolute maximum amount of means to ensure you don’t suffer the heartbreak of that 80% is essential. The Entrepreneurs Marketing Manual is an expert, practical guide that will provide you with essential marketing expertise to help you do just that. This step by step book will cover the full range of modern marketing strategy in an insightful way that’s easy to follow and that will enable you to really boost your marketing results.
In this book you’ll get practical, expert advice on all of the key areas a business owner or entrepreneur needs for exceptional marketing execution including:

• How to create a practical and results driven approach to marketing without needing million dollar budgets!

• The secrets behind creating an amazing brand that can really help you to stand out, even in a crowded market.

• How to build a cost effective, yet extremely effective digital marketing strategy and ramp up your results.

• Tips and tricks to approach most areas of marketing execution, from running impactful events or excellent email campaigns, to the secrets of social media success and much more.

• The methods you need to evaluate, analyse and optimise every element of your marketing, making every minute and each pound or dollar you invest, work much harder

I truly hope that this book will deliver a great framework across all areas of modern marketing strategy to help you take your own ideas, products or business to a whole new level. I’ve written this book to deliver a practical and easy to follow approach to marketing strategy from creating a plan and analysis a marketing and customer base through to executing digital marketing, social media, events and much more. It’s been written in a way that whether you’re an experienced business owner or a novice, whether you’ve got years of marketing experience or none at all, you can follow a clear and structured approach to achieve marketing excellence.

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