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When i wrote the Entrepreneurs Marketing Manual, I did it to hopefully be able to share a little of my own experience and knowledge with others and help them on their own journey. Marketing can be a complex subject and sometimes a little unclear or overwhelming and my desire in this book was absolutely aimed at making the subjects within marketing easier to relate to and utilise.

If you’ve read The Entrepreneurs Marketing Manual – and hopefully found it valuable – then i’d be incredibly grateful if you could take 2 minutes to leave me a positive review on Amazon, it really is massively valuable and helps a lot. I wrote this book to hopefully add value and knowing that it’s having a positive impact on those who read, hopefully assisting businesses, entrepreneurs and startups of all shapes and sizes, with driving excellent marketing execution.

Starting a business is a tough gig and i really hope that some of the content i wrote in The Entrepreneurs Marketing Manual is useful to those who are thinking about starting one, as well as people who’re already trading. Here’s a few of the more recent bits of feedback I’ve had from those who’ve read it so far and have been kind enough to leave a review on Amazon….

“A truly first class resource for the modern small business owner that offers fantastic, insightful marketing strategy in a practical way that can be easily used to achieve great results”

D messett TestimonialS Stead TestimonialMike Elliot TestimonialA Customer TestimonialR Carpenter Testimonial

“The Entrepreneurs Marketing Manual is a book that can really benefit all entrepreneurs and small business owners. The advice and strategy it offers is absolutely brilliant, but offered up in a way that’s surprisingly straight forward to follow, even for a marketing novice”

I look forward to being able to hopefully add many more over the coming weeks, months and possibly years!


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