International Opportunity Day

Although I’m not typically one to really share my political views or really too much else beyond the world of business & marketing, I wanted to write a few extra words on a post I put onto LinkedIn to promote International Womens Day 2019.

It’s a subject that almost everyone has some form of opinion on, some more black and white than others, some more blurred, but everyone has an opinion or perspective.

On one hand I don’t care if a job goes to a man or to a woman.

The core thing in my eyes in many ways is that the person who gets it is the most appropriate for that role and they are the right person, not the right demographic, right gender or right anything else.

However, the process for any role absolutely must be one that allows equal opportunities for any & all relevant candidates, based on their potential ability to deliver in that role, not their skin colour or gender.

It must be a process that actively supports and encourages people of all backgrounds based on skill and attitude. Organisations must give equal standing to both genders in any consideration, based on value, skill set and potential value.

It can be easy to put people in brackets, buckets, categories and quotas but the world is a truly more beautiful place when those “criteria” are put to one side, we take off the blinkers and enable skillset, motivation and attitude to be our defining factors.

Ensuring that women are given a platform, equal to that of men, based on their abilities is a must. I’m also truly proud to say that I get to work with some genuinely incredible and talented female leaders as well as team members, day in and day out, within an organisation that strives to create diversity and equality, whilst also valuing talent.

Every day it’s a privilege to work both for as well as alongside many of them and would absolutely agree that an equal, diverse and talented team can create some awesome results.

I know that each and every day some aspect, however small, is influenced by some form of bias, blurred perspective or whatever else, yet the greatest accomplishments come when we’re able to view each other as people, not as profiles.

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