Think Big…Even When You’re Not

If you’re involved in a small business or a startup, you’d be surprised by how many big companies and global organisations see value in being able to “think like a small company”.

Small organisations and startups face numerous challenges, but one thing they do have in their arsenal, that a lot of larger ones envy, is the ability to be agile, quick to respond and execute with speed.

Taking this mindset within the go-to-market of many larger businesses and trying to strip away some of that “corporate” perspective and behaviour has allowed many organisations to significantly improve their customer engagement, service and general effectiveness.

Of course, it’s not always possible and purely by becoming a “big business” you have many more considerations and areas to take into account.

None the less, “thinking small” can offer a lot of rewards when it’s embraced effectively.

Interestingly though when you talk to many smaller business, it’s pretty rare to find the reverse of this taking place and small businesses and startups “thinking big” in their approach.

Now of course, a lot of smaller businesses are started with the intention of growing them and developing them over time to become big brands, yet rarely do companies “act” big before they are.

So often organisations when they’re starting out position themselves in a way that they feel suits their capabilities and experience and that’s so often reflected in the marketing and communications they deliver.

Being a small or “local” business is by no means a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from the big company approach in how you position yourself.

When you create your brand, when you build the tools or platforms that promote your organisation, or when you approach a sales conversation, there’s nothing wrong with thinking bigger.

Planning to update your content and messaging? Think of how it reads to not just the current customers you attract, but those you want to grow and engage with in the future?

You’d be surprised by how low cost and easy to build a great website can be, so there’s really no excuse for having a poorly built, badly presented one with limited information!

Maybe you’re delivering everything for how it’ll display and be engaged with on a PC or laptop? So much content gets engaged with on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets – and web builders make it so simple to optimise for them – you’re doing more harm than you realise for not maximising this path.

Only using social media on occasions or on one platform because you don’t have time to manage multiple accounts? There’s a ton of great tools that can consolidate and maximise your reach over multiple channels and social platforms – and they’re easier to use than you’d think! They’re free and they offer huge audiences and even local businesses can go way beyond with just a little more delivery.

Haven’t defined your brand identity and values? Even creating a basic framework of how you want your brand – and organisation – to sit in the market can reap huge rewards and amplify everything you do. You might have no experience of how to create a brand or its values, but a few minutes spend researching and you can create a brand that’ll scale so much better,

Look at your business as the though it’s the one you want it to be. Position it as you want to grow it to over time and try and reflect that in your go to market activities, how you “talk about” yourself and how to present the organisation in sales and marketing activities.

The more you can look at not just the list of goals and plans you have for today, but those you might have next month or next year and factor into your execution, the easier you can push towards becoming that business you dream of.

Don’t lose touch with being that agile, engaging “smaller” organisation that can really build enormous value and connectivity to its customers, but look beyond that and don’t be afraid to think big. Even before you are.

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