If You Judge a Fish

If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its entire life believing it is stupid.

In much the same way, if you live your life being constrained by someone else’s views, opinions and the things they think you should or shouldn’t be doing, you’ll end up in the same place.

No matter what it is you do with your life there’s always going to be others who influence how we approach them and whether we believe we can achieve them.

Whatever job or career path you decide to go down. Whatever relationship you enter into or commit yourself to. Whatever dream you decide to create for yourself. Whatever method of adding happiness to your life…. There’s pretty much always going to at least one person in your life that has an opinion on that.

Sometimes those opinions can be good; they can be positive messages that help support you and drive you on, helping you work towards achieving those goals and building the positivity you need to carry you there.

A lot of the time though, they can also be anything but helpful to your life. Whether they’re actively meant to harm you and keep you from believing in yourself or not, so often the opinions and perspectives of those we share our lives with can stop you from reaching out for more.

Each of us is truly individual and quite often when we set ourselves goals, beyond what many consider to be normal, or we chase after dreams that put us outside expected boundaries, the perspectives and thoughts of others can pull us back.

Whether it is our friends, family, colleagues or just people that pass you by, the assumptions, expectations and opinions of others can play a huge part in influencing how confident we are in our ability to do more.

If you choose to lead an “ordinary” life, then rarely do we ruffle a feather or cause an eyebrow to be raised, simply finding out we’re surrounded by acceptance.

When we choose to make life more than that, to push boundaries, to set goals that truly stretch beyond the routine and the norm, too often those same people’s opinions bleed into our self-belief.

Life is far too short to give up on the chase of what’s important to you and the dreams you hold. If we allow the limits imposed by others to stifle the belief we have in ourselves, then what good can those others truly offer to us?

The more you fill your life with people who challenge you, who push you to keep going beyond where you are today and to help you aim for a tomorrow that’s better, the more you’ll find yourself achieving.

Let those people around you help build your own sense of self worth and self belief and use the views of others when they add good, not when they constrain you to something that feels comfortable to them.

You can truly do so much more than you ever thought possible, if only you take the chance and try.


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