How Many Characters Do You Play?

In how many different parts or aspect of your life – both personally and professionally – do you play a role or a character to some extent?

At work do you position yourself in a way that makes you more accepted or are you able to be true to yourself, your ideals & beliefs? Perhaps you adapt your behaviour or strive to be seen as someone or in some way that perhaps isn’t truly you for the purposes of connecting or fitting in better.

Do you mute your thoughts for fear of you how they may be perceived or are you able to express what you think? Maybe rather than speak up or voice the opinion in your mind whilst in a meeting, at the dinner table, in a group of friends or family, you choose to stay silent.

Maybe you play a role that you feel helps you embed yourself in a work community; being one person from 9am to 5pm & another for that brief window outside it? You try to build a persona that you feel will be better for your professional success, maybe even breathing a sigh of relief when you get home and can relax.

When your with friends, family or others, how much of your interaction & communication is done for the benefit of those people and how much is really you? Do you discuss things or comment on things in ways that you feel they will prefer to hear, or do you feel able to talk about the things that matter to you, that excite and motivate you?

Each day I know for damn sure that I play, as most of us do, a host of different characters & roles. I know for damn sure there’s probably only a finite period of time where I get to not play the role of ‘me’ for others, but to quite simply, be me.

There are certainly times and situations in our life where it’s absolutely beneficial to play a character and position yourself in a role to maximise results. But surely if you do that to the detriment of your true self, or you compromise what’s truly important to you, no results can really be worth it?

Life is finite the more of it we spend being someone else, living as another character or existing in a space that isn’t truly ours, the more we’ll look back with regret, wishing we’d been able to embrace what truly matter

However powerful or important the character(s) you play are or however comfortable you feel being them, never, ever underestimate the power of yourself. You are stronger, braver, more interesting and have the ability to achieve way more than you can possibly realise. The more you embrace what’s really inside yourself and focus on chasing after your goals as you, as opposed to dedicating energy to being someone else, the closer those dreams become to reality.

The more you can be you, the more you’ll get back. Just be you.

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