How Rich Are Your Dreams?

Why do so many often view the desire to be “wealthy” or “rich” as a bad aspiration to have?

When someone voices a desire to create substantial wealth for themselves, more often than not it’s scorned, disregarded or frowned upon.

Money and wealth are subjects that create a lot of emotion, but why is the desire to aim high when it comes to financial wellbeing so often viewed as a negative character trait?

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”

Whether you agree with the source of that statement or not – and I’ll admit that I don’t – the sentiment conveyed within it is regularly something a lot of people would likely agree with. The subject of money is one that creates significant emotion and quite often not emotions that are positive.

In the last couple of years my mindset and perspective on the world has shifted a lot and I’ve spent a lot of time exploring new ideas and changing the way I look at my future and my goals. One big part of this shift admittedly has been attached to money, my attitude towards it, my ambitions surrounding it and the part I want it to play in shaping those things.

Now I’m not for one moment of the belief that money is everything, nor that life should revolve solely around the capture and growth of it.

I don’t believe that money immediately equals happiness and I certainly don’t believe that the more money you have, the better your life will be or the more successful you’ll have been.

I also don’t believe that not having a desire for wealth is wrong or a waste, but I absolutely believe that if you want something you should do whatever you can to achieve it.

I do however belief in aiming high and I do believe absolutely that when you have the opportunity – and the modern world absolutely can support that – to do more and aim for more, you should try if that excites you.

I strongly believe that the world these days offers a ton of ways to create money, to retain it and grow it, more so than probably any other time in history. The resources, technologies and tools available today mean that the ability to chase and grow wealth come in more forms and with more access than ever.

Money isn’t everything, but it is a very powerful force that can open a lot of opportunities for good and it can create countless options to create and support parts of a life.

I’ve had a lot of conversations over the last year or so where when the subject of money has come up and I’ve shared my appetite for growing wealth, many of those I’ve spoken with have switched off or not understood my desires.

For me, the desire to grow my wealth is simple. It’s about setting the bar as far up as I can reach and pushing to get to there. It’s about the desire to create a life with more freedoms to explore, to innovate, to excite and to experience.

Probably most important of all it’s about the ability to be able to give and to do more that’s good and money can be one way to support that. The more wealth you have, the greater the ability to use it for good, to support positive change and to create more for those that have need of it. It’s of course not the only way by any means, but it is one way for sure.

Now many people reading this will likely not agree or won’t be interested in my views and I totally accept and acknowledge that. It’s our differences that make this world and the people within it amazing after all.

But I’d suggest one thing.…  that before you view the idea of growing wealth or “becoming rich” as a bad thing, take a step to explore it as a concept. Money can be an incredible a tool, a platform, to support goals and chase dreams.

A dream of becoming rich purely for the purpose of material things alone is indeed likely shallow and remiss. But the dream of becoming rich because it’s a dream, because it’s something to chase and to drive for and because of what you want to achieve and to create in life, is surely nothing but good? If you can reach for the stars why would you aim for the tops of the trees?

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