Get in The Race…And Stay In

Imagine you enter a race to run against a group of people you’ve never met before & know nothing about. Going into that the only thing you know about your chances of success are that you’ve pushed yourself to get in the race in the first place.

Half way in, you’re doing ok, but for reason then start to believe you can’t win or that it’s too tough to finish.

Rather than continue on & see what happens, those doubts slow you down until you turn around & head back to where you started from in the first place.

At this point you’ll never know if you could have made it, how many competitors were struggling, thinking of quitting or who you were gaining on. All you know is that you didn’t make it to the finish line that you started out chasing after.

Now imagine that rather than deciding to quit, you choose to see what you’re capable of and how well you can do and you continue until the very end.

In either situation the truth is you end up going the same distance. In one you end up with the knowledge that you gave it a shot, possibly with a victory or some success or triumph over those others who you raced. In the other situation all you can ever really expect is disappointment.

So if you’ve done what you needed to get in the race in the first place, why the hell would you quit before you know what you were capable of?

If you give up half way, even after committing to get into the race in the first place, all you can ever take away from that is regret and wondering “what if”.

You never know how tired your competitors are, when their doubts might creep in, or how your own persistence could carry you to the end. As long as you’re in the running & pushing to the finish, you’ve got a chance.

Get yourself in the race. Push yourself to keep going, to keep trying. Don’t worry about those around you as you’ll never truly know their struggles or convictions. Keep going and press for that finish line.


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