Dare to Dream….Big

When was the last time fear of failure held you back from trying to chase your dreams or achieve your ambitions?

When was the last time the worry of not being good enough, talented or smart enough stopped you from dreaming big?

A reported 12 different publishers turned down J K Rowling before she was signed by one.

After fighting an incredibly tough childhood, Oprah Winfrey was told she was unfit for television and fired from her job as a news anchor.

Fred Astaire was told that he couldn’t sing or dance and was rejected numerous times by producers.

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle was told he was good for nothing and worthless by his adopted father.

Marilyn Monroe was often told that she shouldn’t waste her time seeking fame and should settle on becoming a secretary.

Life can be bloody hard and it can throw obstacle after obstacle in your way, creating challenges, setbacks and disappointments.

You can only achieve your goals if you’re brave enough to set them in the first place and push yourself towards them.

If you challenge yourself to believe you can do something, you’re 1 step closer to achieving it.

If you believe you’re not capable of doing something, you’re absolutely right, you can’t and you won’t.

If you believe you can achieve that dream you’ve set yourself. If you believe you are skilled enough for that promotion or new job. If you believe your idea for a new product or service is strong enough to sell. When you believe in something enough, when you truly have confidence in it, you put yourself one step closer to it becoming a reality.

If your dream or goal is to earn a million pounds or dollars a year, the world may try and get you to believe that’s not realistic. It’s wrong. If your ambition is to create a business for yourself and forge your own path, the world may try and tell you to stick with your 9-5 job for the next 3 decades. It’s wrong. If your passion is to push your life towards one that can raise money, support worthy causes or work to make the world better, it may push you to constrain that or focus on it sparingly. It’s wrong.

Life can present you with countless opportunities to settle, to take the easy path or to believe that something isn’t achievable or realistic. In those times it can be easy to doubt yourself and your abilities or worry about the consequences should it not work out the way you want.

Fear of failing or fear of inadequacy is a challenge that almost everyone faces to one degree or in another in numerous parts of life. But fear is an emotion in much the same way that passion, that belief and that aspiration are too and they can be harnessed and used to drive you forward and push you to achieve more than you realise.

Life will more often than not try and lead you down a path of believing that you can’t think bigger or that you should live an ordinary or “average” life and contain your desires to go beyond that. Don’t believe it for one second.

When you choose to believe that life can be what you want it to, or that you are capable and you do deserve to achieve those things in your head and heart, you put yourself on the path towards giving them a chance to happen.

Dream big & swing for the fences.

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